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More on concept driven inquiry…

In a concept driven, inquiry based learning environment, we do NOT plan a series of activities to ensure coverage of the requirements of our national curriculum. Instead we spend our planning time reflecting collaboratively, exploring which conceptual lenses will produce the … Continue reading

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A concept driven inquiry into history…

The inquiry  Central Idea – ‘Investigating history helps us understand the present.‘ The teachers collaboratively develop a rubric for the desired conceptual understandings so that, with shared goals in mind, we can plan a couple of powerful provocations and then wait … Continue reading

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This is how inquiry teachers teach…

Since Kath has posted her ‘How do Inquiry Teachers… teach?’ here at Inquire Within, I’ll post my response here too… Traditional pedagogy sees the teacher provide a set of instructions, make sure everyone ‘knows what to do’, explain everything and … Continue reading

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Response to the dry spell…

Hi Al, Thanks for posting your honest self-reflection, in which you wondered if/where the inquiry has gone. “… I didn’t know if I wasn’t thinking inquiry because I haven’t been doing any inquiry with my students or because inquiry is … Continue reading

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Liberating learning spaces…

This post was written by Des, a Grade 5 teacher at my school who is constantly on her own inquiry journey – into inquiry, technology and learning spaces… My students have always had their own special seat with their own … Continue reading

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What does inquiry look like?

The first question in last night’s #pypchat on Twitter  brought a wonderful range of answers from educators across five continents… What does inquiry look/sound/feel like? Vibrant, alive, expect the unexpected. – Jane Kids engaged, talking, creating, observing, collaborating.- Linda Students … Continue reading

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An inquiry journey…

(Skip the background paragraph if you like, it gets more interesting.) My school is an authorised IB world school, following the Primary Years Program (PYP), and we’re currently in the process of our ‘self study’ in preparation for an evaluation … Continue reading

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